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Friday, April 30, 2010

you are beautiful korea movie

u're beautiful..
since i have finish my exam papers..
okey actually not yet,, but snce i have gone through the tough one
so just loge den..lala lega mak..huhuhu..

actually the next paper also going to be quite susah kowt
but relax2..mari kite tgk korea movie yang hot, sweet, amat ini,,MySpace

you're beautiful

From left: Jung Yong Hwa, Park Shin Hye, Jang Geun Suk and Lee Hong Ki

and the boy band is called ‘A.N. Jell’. They are really like angels to those girls.
and also to me..nurul ku harmila..they are my angelss.muahaha

cerita ni sangat best ok..

diba!..rugi hengkau tengok x abis tawuuu!!!

i love the couple in this movie..lagi,,i gle suke jugak the role of Park shin hye as Jang Geun Suk's girl .
huhuhu..they really well fitted in this movie..(okeh diorang da penah belakon same a d da penah kiss jugak b4 this)
tpi x kire..suke jugak..suke sangat2..hehehe
suke gilak..huhu

tpi from all the A.n.JELL members, i love
to see this guy face

only this guy..very malankolik..
huhuhu.. n rase sangat terharu dengan ape yang dia buat dalam
drama ni untuk go mi nam..
if i go mi nam..i well treat u well my dear..

jung yong hwa..( u're the best in my eyes)..MySpace

hehe wait..that's only from my eyes okey
deep in my heart he's still the best!

i love taekyung..love him

i only love this guy named jang geun suk when he's using the eyeliner only!

i wanna see you're beautiful 2 pls..

2 kate org:

faradeeba said...

i mnat yonghwa gak!!!

die comey!
plus die nynyi sedap!

si gadis said...

hahah..a'ah die sangat comey
cume die terlampau muke sedeh dlm cerite ni...