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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

bye2 syg ..gemokk..sengal..u...

okey sile ignore pic di atas
kerna tiada mengena2..
anyway, i just finished my viva with my beloved lecturer, mr jaya chandran..
ok sila senyum(^_^)... not bad kot jawab soalan td.
now depends on him to give markss..
sirr.bgi i markah banyak2 ok...


emm..ok anyway..
sila larik dr topic di atas..
okey..saye dah clash kowtt..
saye dah clash ngan saiful kowttt...
saye rase la..
sbb malam td he asks me wake him up pg ni dalam 7.30 am
then, when i called omg! call waiting bebeh..

maybe he wanna me to know that
there is someone else now
that can wake him up, cre about him, suruh die solat2.
n everythings la kan

n i kehilangan semua all the functions dah..

okeh sile cakap i bodoh sebab.
today i have viva..
n on the way nk pg viva
i was crying like hell

malu gle siotttttt


but..now i'm okay k
" relationship is like glass. sometimes it's better to leave them broken
than try to hurt yourself putting it back together"

so lala..exam wehh..examm


sile gelak luas-luas...

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